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Looking for a Billflow alternative?

We’re here for the long run…

Heard that Billflow is shutting down and looking for an easy alternative? Firstly, the PriceWell team are here for you. We offer the same reliable service and we are built on top of Stripe Billing. That means you get the Stripe Checkout and Stripe Customer Portal without coding. Plus we’ll help you migrate your site from Billflow to PriceWell, for free. We’re the Billflow alternative you’ve been searching for.

The same features, at a cheaper price

No matter your Billflow setup, PriceWell has you covered. We support multiple pricing models, pricing page embeds and of course the customer portal. We use the official Stripe Billing products so you will always have 100% compatibility with Stripe. Check out our pricing, from $19 per month to see how we compare.

Some features you will be familiar with include:

Embeddable Pricing Tables

Billflow alternative PriceWell Embeddable Pricing Tables

Pricing Tables can be embedded anywhere on your website. You can change pricing at any time without ever writing any code. Customize the design to match your brand and make changes whenever you want. This is the fastest way to implement Stripe Checkout.

Customer Portal

Billflow alternative Stripe Customer Portal

Let customers manage their subscription on your terms. Designed to fit into your existing website, the embeddable Customer Portal takes minutes to set up. Simply drop the widget into your website and you no longer have to worry about subscription management.

Plus much more

Moreover, we’ve got Stripe Tax support, Pricing Experiments (A/B testing) and Gated Content (for your Membership website). In conclusion, whether you are a seasoned SaaS business, a fitness coach or a membership website. PriceWell makes is easy to move from Billflow, we are here to support you.

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