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Chargebee vs Stripe

Are you considering Chargebee and wondering what the difference is with Stripe Billing? Then you are in the right place.

Chargebee is a subscription billing platform that works with multiple payment providers (Stripe included). Chargebee helps companies manage their subscription payments.

Stripe is the worlds largest payment provider and they have their own subscription billing platform called Stripe Billing. While not as fully featured as Chargebee, Stripe Billing has everything a SaaS business could need to manage their subscription billing.

Chargebee vs Stripe Billing - Pricing

Pricing is a key differentiator between these two as you’ll see below.

Stripe Pricing

Stripe’s Pricing

Stripe’s pricing is 1.4% +25 cents for EU cards and a whopping 2.9% + 25 cents for US (non-EU) cards. But that’s it, that’s all you pay. They do have extra costs for Stripe Billing (which PriceWell is built on top of) to support Checkout, Customer Portal and Tax calculations but they are minimal.

Chargebee Pricing

Chargebee’s Pricing

Chargebee actually charge by revenue so you pay EUR 249 per month for up to 600k revenue per year, then EUR 549 for up to 1.2 million revenue per year. After that you need a custom quote.

It’s important to remember that Chargebee isn’t a payment provider itself so you will have extra charges depending on who you choose to handle payments. If that’s Stripe, see the pricing above.

Want a cheaper way to do subscription billing?

If you want all the flexibility of Chargebee but without the hefty price tag, PriceWell is for you. Our no-code platform is built on top of Stripe (see their pricing above) so you get the industry leading payment experience. Our quick snippets will save you at least $10k of expenses compared to hiring a developer to integrate Stripe or Chargebee for you.

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