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How to calculate growth rate for SaaS

Growth rate is a key metrics for SaaS businesses. Learn how to calculate growth rate for SaaS and how to use it to make better decisions.

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Understanding the Growth Rate Formula

The growth rate formula is a fundamental tool for evaluating the expansion of a SaaS business over a specific period. It provides insights into how quickly a company is growing and serves as a crucial performance indicator for investors, stakeholders, and management.

The growth rate formula is expressed as follows:

Growth Rate = ((Ending Value - Beginning Value) / Beginning Value) * 100

This formula calculates the percentage change between the starting and ending values, representing the growth rate over a particular timeframe. Let’s break down the components to better understand how to calculate the rate of growth.

How to Calculate the Rate of Growth

  1. Identify Beginning and Ending Values: To initiate the calculation, pinpoint the starting and ending values relevant to the metric you’re analyzing. For SaaS businesses, this could include metrics like monthly recurring revenue (MRR), customer base, or user engagement.

  2. Subtract the Beginning Value from the Ending Value: Subtract the beginning value from the ending value. The result represents the net change during the chosen period.

  3. Divide by the Beginning Value: Divide the net change by the beginning value. This step normalizes the change relative to the starting point, providing a percentage increase or decrease.

  4. Multiply by 100: To express the growth rate as a percentage, multiply the result by 100. This step simplifies the interpretation of the growth rate, making it more accessible for analysis and comparison.

Now, let’s consider a practical example to illustrate the application of the growth rate formula.


Suppose a SaaS company’s MRR at the beginning of the quarter was $500,000, and at the end of the quarter, it increased to $700,000. Applying the growth rate formula:

Growth Rate = ((700,000 - 500,000) / 500,000) * 100 = 40%

In this case, the growth rate for the quarter is 40%, indicating a substantial increase in monthly recurring revenue.

How is Growth Rate Calculated?

The process of calculating the growth rate for SaaS involves consistent monitoring and analysis. Here are key steps to ensure accurate and meaningful results:

  1. Regular Data Collection: Establish a routine for collecting data related to the metric you’re assessing. Whether it’s MRR, customer acquisition, or user engagement, having up-to-date and accurate data is essential for precise calculations.

  2. Define the Timeframe: Clearly define the timeframe for which you want to calculate the growth rate. Common intervals include monthly, quarterly, or annually. Align the timeframe with your business goals and reporting preferences.

  3. Utilize SaaS Analytics Tools: Leverage SaaS analytics tools to streamline the data collection and calculation process. These tools often provide real-time insights, historical data, and customizable reporting features, making it easier to track and analyze growth metrics.

  4. Interpret Results in Context: Context is crucial when interpreting growth rate calculations. Consider external factors, industry benchmarks, and the overall business landscape to gain a comprehensive understanding of your SaaS company’s performance.


Mastering the growth rate formula is paramount for any SaaS business aiming to navigate the competitive landscape successfully. By understanding how to calculate the rate of growth and implementing a strategic approach to data analysis, businesses can uncover valuable insights, make informed decisions, and pave the way for sustainable growth. Regularly monitoring growth rates and adapting strategies accordingly will empower SaaS companies to stay agile and thrive in the dynamic digital ecosystem.

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